Who Uses Self-Storage Units?

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Who Uses Self-Storage Units

People from all walks of life use self-storage units. Homeowners often rent them to declutter or during moves. Businesses use them for extra inventory space. College students store their stuff over summer break. Self-storage is a convenient solution for anyone needing secure extra space.

  • Individuals who are moving or downsizing
  • Businesses in need of extra storage space for inventory or equipment
  • College students storing belongings during summer break
  • Homeowners renovating their homes and needing temporary storage for furniture and belongings
  • Travelers looking to store items while they are away from home
  • Hobbyists with collections that require additional space
  • Families dealing with life events such as divorce, death, or relocation

Self-storage is a service that is very popular and it sometimes feels like one is popping up all the time around us. People may choose to get one of these units to hold onto their valuables or to store some important items that they just don’t have room for at the moment.

As a manager of self storage units in Essex (https://www.essexselfstorage.ca) , we often advise customers to really evaluate their storage needs before renting a unit. Consider what you’ll be storing and for how long – this will help determine the ideal unit size and amenities like climate control. Don’t just opt for the smallest unit to save money if it won’t properly accommodate your belongings. Proper preparation and packing also key to protecting your items in storage.

Almost anyone can use self-storage, with 38% of Americans saying they have used or plan to use a self-storage unit sometime in the near future. Those who live in an apartment or smaller home are most likely to have one of these units, with Gen Xers making up 54% of the users and baby boomers making up 51%. This means those who have not been able to get a home yet or those looking to downsize may use the storage units to help them hold onto some of the items they need.

There are a lot of reasons to use self-storage units, and anyone may choose to rent out one, whether short-term or long-term. Let’s take a closer look at some of these units and how people may choose to us them.

When Would I Need to Use a Self-Storage Unit?

Almost every person who decides to use a self-storage unit is going to have their own reason for getting this done. It can depend on your situation and how many items that you would like to keep around. Sometimes it is short-term, such as during a home renovation or when you are moving, and other times you may want to keep some valuables stored for a longer period of time.

Some of the main reasons that people will choose to use self-storage includes:

  • Moving: If you are moving and have some time between living in one place and moving into the new one, then you can use self-storage to help make the transition easier. You will not have to keep the items outside and the self-storage will provide some of the flexibility you are looking for.
  • Not enough space in the home: Some people will choose to sell or throw out items when they don’t have room for them in their home, but others may want to hold onto the items. If your home is too small, then you may want to look into self-storage to see if that is the right choice for you.
  • Downsizing: At some point, your home may be too big. You may not like all that space to clean or you need to downsize to get something more affordable. Either way, some of your items may need to be placed in self-storage to help them be out of the home.
  • Changes in your household size: Maybe your family is growing or you have more people moving into the home temporarily and you just can’t keep as many items around as you did before. In this case, a self-storage unit can make a lot of sense to hold onto them until you need them.
  • Storing for business purposes: Maybe you need to hold onto some of your business items for a few months or seasonally. You may not want to get rid of the items, like the Christmas decorations, but having them around the office can be a tripping hazard. Self-storage is a good way to handle this kind of problem.
  • Home renovations: Renovations can make a mess all over the place. You may choose to put some of your personal items into self-storage while the renovations are being done. This can free up some space around the home and protects the items during the work.

There are some cases, like a renovation or having extra people around the home where you will only need self-storage for a short amount of time. But you can also choose to go with self-storage for a longer period of time as well. It will all depend on your needs and goals with self-storage. Most self-storage companies will provide lots of options for how long you would like to store your items to make the decision easier and for you to find the solution you need.

Choosing the Right Self-Storage for Your Needs

There are a lot of different types of self-storage units that you can choose to purchase and the one you go with can depend on the items you need to store, how much you want to store, and how much you would like to spend.

No matter the situation that makes you look into self-storage, you will be able to find a lot of options to help make the decision easier. Take some time to research the different options and see what will work for you.