What’s the Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors?

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors?

You want to take care of your home. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance. An important part of this is cleaning your home properly. Sometimes, homeowners are unsure of how to clean hardwood floors. According to Kansas City Flooring Pros, a trusted provider of hardwood flooring in Kansas City, hardwood floors can be damaged easily with improper cleaning. Before cleaning your hardwood floors, learn about the best way to do so.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Regularly

Grit can damage your hardwood floors. Grit is sand, dirt, and other fine particles. When grit is tracked in, it can be left on any flooring surface. On hardwood floors, it can be abrasive. This happens when your shoes press the grit into the hardwood floors. This can then cause damage to the finish on your hardwood floors. It may also scuff your hardwood floors.

For this reason, it is important to sweep or dust mop. You should do this a few times each week. This will trap the grit. You may use a vacuum’s bristle attachment. You should not use an upright vacuum.

About once per week, you should damp mop your hardwood floors. It is important to use a damp mop. A wet mop can damage your floors. First, you should sweep your floors. Then, you can mop the floors. You can make a mixture of four cups of warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

When you mop, you should work in small sections. This can help so that you don’t let any water sit. Remember that this can cause damage. You can dry your floors with a cloth or dry mop.

How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

In rare cases, you may need to deep clean your hardwood floors. This is a good time to buy a hardwood floor cleaner. To do this, according to Prudent Reviews, you should identify the floor finish. You may have a penetrating finish or a surface finish.

Once you do this, you can buy the right type of floor cleaner. Having the right type of cleaner is the most effective way to clean your hardwood floors. When you mop, you should mop in the direction of the floorboard.

Keep in mind that your mop should not be soaking wet. You can also spray the solution on the floor. Then, you can mop it or wipe it. Microfiber cloths are a good choice. They are non-abrasive.

Precautions to Take When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

It is important to take care of your hardwood floors. This is how you can keep them looking their best. There are a few things you should do to prevent damage.

Look for a cleaner that was designed for hardwood floors. Not all floor types are the same. They need different types of cleaning. The solution you use may be different. To be safe, look for hardwood floor cleaner. Other types of cleaner could harm your floors. According to Today, some cleaners can void your warranty. Before using anything on your floor, look into your warranty.

If you are trying a new cleaner, you should be cautious. It’s best to try any new cleaning products in an inconspicuous area. This can help to prevent you from damaging your wood floors.

Make sure you do not use an upright vacuum on your hardwood floors. The rolling beater bars can cause scratches and damage.

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Cleaning is an important part of keeping your hardwood floors in great shape. Regular upkeep on your hardwood floors is helpful too. It is especially important to protect the finish. This is a good way to maintain your hardwood floors and keep them looking great.

There are several ways you can maintain your hardwood floors so they last.

  1. Clean up spills right away. Be sure to use a dry cloth to do so. This will prevent the spill from damaging the floors. You should make sure the cloth is non-abrasive.
  2. Remember to sweep or dust mop a few times per week. This will prevent grit from scratching your floors.
  3. Try to prevent scratches. You should put pads under your furniture. Then, if they slide, the floors will not be scratched.
  4. Use rugs in areas where spills are likely. This can help prevent damage from various liquids.
  5. Use doormats to help trap dirt from your shoes. This can then prevent grit damage.


Keeping your hardwood floors looking their best is important. You should make sure you do it properly. This will help them to last for years to come. You can prevent damage this way. The hardwood floor company may have recommendations too. You could also check with the floor finisher. This can help you to know what is safe and what is not. Hardwood floors can be a great addition to any home. Proper care and cleaning can go a long way.