Can Restylane Cause Blindness?

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Can Restylane Cause Blindness?

Clients who would like to improve the look and appearance of their skin may choose to work with Restylane. This is a compound that allows them to revitalize the collagen production in their skin, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles all around the face.

Before choosing to get this kind of procedure, it is a good idea to look and see whether this is the right treatment for you by checking out some of the side effects, advises At Your Leisure Aesthetics, who has experience with Restylane in Scottsdale. One side effect that clients may ask about is whether Restylane can cause blindness.

Restylane can cause blindness in some rare cases. If the doctor injects it too close to the tear ducts or there are improper injections, then it could cause a blockage in the ducts that could lead to loss of eyesight. Even without full blindness, these injections can cause issues with your eyesight when put too close to the eyes. It is important to know the risks and discuss them with your doctor before getting the injection.

Choosing the right doctor to do the injections and carefully considering where to do the injections can help keep you safe and greatly reduces the risk that Restylane can cause to the eyes.

Can Restylane Cause Blindness?

For the most part, clients are able to get doses of Restylane without any problem. They will be able to enjoy all of the great benefits of this treatment without any side effects at all. If they do get some side effects, they will be minimal and can go away quickly. But there are some situations where the side effects can be more severe.

In very rare cases, it is possible that Restylane can cause blindness in someone who gets the injection. This is not very common, and most patients will not even have eye irritation, much fewer issues with seeing. When it does happen, the most common issue is that the doctor did not do the injection properly or put it too close to the eyes. This can clog up some of the ducts and nerves in the eyes, which can cause a number of eye problems.

If you are dealing with any kind of eye problem, it is a good idea for you to talk to your doctor right away. They may be able to help reverse some of these issues and help protect your eyes.

What Side Effects Should I Worry About With Restylane?

Most of the clients who decide to get Restylane injections will be fine. They can get the injections and follow the schedule that their doctor has for them to reverse the signs of aging and look amazing. But there are a few side effects that can be more serious, and the client will need to call their doctor as soon as possible. Some of these include:

  • Any sign of allergic reaction: If the client is dealing with any kind of allergic reaction shortly after getting an injection, then they need to talk to their doctor or go to ER to help.
  • Very bad irritation where the drug is used.
  • Very bad swelling
  • The area around the injection site starts to change color.

It is also common for clients to get irritation, swelling, and bruising near the area where the injection occurs. These are normal and will often go away within a few days of getting the injection. If the client is concerned about the injection at all, then it is a good idea for them to call their doctor to discuss the issue.

How to Avoid Complications with Restylane?

The best way to avoid any kinds of complications with this treatment is to make sure that you get the right doctor to help you get the work done. A qualified professional will know the exact way to do the injection and where to place it to avoid complications and keep you safe. This can limit the risks of complications of any kind, both with blindness and more.

Your doctor will likely give you other options and steps that you can take to avoid serious complications after you are done with Restylane. This will help you to enjoy the treatment a bit more and can ensure that you get some of the best results when you choose to get these injections.

Choosing to Do Restylane

There are many great reasons to choose to do a round or more of Restylane to help improve the look and appearance of your skin. Choosing to do so can reverse the signs of aging in a safe and effective way. The main thing to remember here is to pick a good practitioner who will take care of you and ensure that the side effects you do experience if any, are minimal and you can go on with your life.