What Should I Do with My Bare Kitchen Walls?

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What Should I Do with My Bare Kitchen Walls?

According to Forbes (and myself), blank walls are not a good look for your home, especially with a kitchen being the heart of a house. Bare walls make a room look boring and sparse, you want your guests to come into your house and be wowed! 

Sometimes it can be intimidating trying to go from a blank canvas to something else says painters and decorators in London, Industry Decorators. There are so many different styles out there and settling on one can be a tough decision. 

Realistically what you should be doing with the bare walls in your kitchen is decorating them, make your walls a part of you and your family. Do something abstract. Kitchens can sometimes be boring and the same as everyone else’s, but you could be the opposite. Express who you are through how you decorate.

If you want to spice your kitchen walls up, you can get decorations that suit the look you’re going for. 

Quirky Ways to Beat the Blankness

I find that Pinterest gives those aesthetic vibes that we all want in our homes, it’s easy to scroll away and continuously pin to your boards. I know because I’m constantly doing it myself, so we’ve come up with the best ways to remove the bare feeling in your kitchen.  

Hang a mirror up

I love having mirrors up, it makes a room feel so much brighter which I think adds such a feeling of happiness to a room. 

Hanging potted plants

Potted plants look adorable; they give off the Pinterest vibes that we all want in our home. Plants also add color to a room, if you’ve got a very neutral color kitchen it’s a great way to make it stand out. 


A great accessory for your kitchen walls is a rail, you could use it to hang your pots and pans up, making it both an accessory and practicality for your kitchen. 

Shelving units

Shelving units could be a great way to add something to your kitchen. You could use it to store spices on, which I think gives a kitchen such a rustic look and I love the idea. Pinterest vibes or what!

One of my favorite shelving units that Amazon sells is the Eclife Floating Shelves Bookcase. I was talking about how rustic vibes look great in a kitchen, well these shelves give those vibes. 


A great way to spruce up your kitchen could be by adding artwork, it will add color to your kitchen if you’re currently finding it bland and boring. You could turn it into a personal art gallery. Definitely a great idea for the artist out there.

Amazon has a lot of different artwork available, each person has a different taste so it is the perfect platform to find the artwork that suits you. Connoworld have some of my favorite artwork, with their bright colors it makes the artwork completely stand out, no longer making your kitchen dull and bland. 

They have beautiful art, such as flowers, cacti, the Eiffel Tower, cherry blossom trees, etc. All mixtures of blue and pink. A beautiful combination for your kitchen walls. 


You could add a personal feel to your kitchen by adding photographs of your family and friends. A perfect way to make your home feel homely. 

The perfect thing about hanging photos up in your house is that you can buy photo frames for really cheap. Amazon offers so many different types of photo frames, different colors, different sizes, and different styles. You will easily be able to find the perfect one for your kitchen. 

One of my favorites on Amazon is the Voilamart photo frames, they do packs of 26 frames in either all white or a mixture of white and black frames in different size frames. 

Wall stickers

If you live in a rented house, then sadly it is very likely that you are unable to change the color of your walls or add photographs. This is why we think to have wall stickers are a great idea to brighten the empty dullness that might be surrounding your kitchen. 

On Amazon, there are a variety of wall stickers you can get from writing to art. 


If you’re not up for having photographs, artwork, stickers, etc. in your kitchen then instead another idea could be to look into buying wallpaper. There are so many different types of patterns and colors out there and it is quite easy to apply to your walls. 

On Amazon, they have beautiful styles such as rustic wood, vintage floral, so many different beautiful looks you can add to your kitchen. 

If you are looking for a classic kitchen look then you could always go for a tile or a brick wallpaper. Amerlife can give you the look you are wanting with their marble wall panels wallpaper.

It’s important to make your home feel like your home and not just four walls you live between. It’s a wonderful way to express who you are. You should decorate it the way you want.